Made in the USA   *   Contemporary Women's Clothing

Made in the USA   *   Contemporary Women's Clothing

Back to School: Teacher Outfit Inspiration

August 13, 2017

Back to School:  Teacher Outfit Inspiration

Ready or not, it's back to school time!  A blog post dedicated to teachers!

Yes, yes, I know, where did the summer go?!  Are you leaping for joy and hanging out on Pinterest in preparation of a new and exciting school year?  OR  Are you feeling less than inspired?  I know there is much to do, and it can be a bit overwhelming!  Bulletin boards must be done, labels printed, supplies and curriculum must be organized, lesson plans created, copies made, and on and on.  Hopefully this post will inspire you as you dress and head out the door Monday morning!  :)

In the 5 images below, I feature one or more pieces of Kyla Wren clothing alongside some teacher favorites!   I'm sharing the favorite things that every teacher can't live without!  I hope you enjoy!  Have a wonderful school year!

Back-to-School Teacher Outfits 1

 Above:  Ruffled Tunic Dress, Made in the USA, $32


Have you ever used Papermate felt tip pens?  They are my favorite for grading.  I love the colors!  


One thing I don't go a day without is coffee!  What about Starbucks coffee?  A few of my coworkers stop in every morning for their fix.  I don't buy Starbucks very often, but I never leave the house without downing a cup o' joe!   How about you?  Coffee or tea?


Back to School for Teachers: Paisley Maxi Dress
Above:  Midnight in the Garden Paisley Maxi Dress, Made in the USA, $55
I wear this dress a lot!  It's super comfortable and very flattering.  This is a great dress if you have plans after work.  I would wear it with a cardigan while at school.
One thing I love in the image above is the Brighton ID badge necklace.  I wear my classroom key on it.  This works perfect for me!  Before this necklace I misplaced my key all the time.
Back to School Teacher Fashion
Above:  Navy Bell Sleeve Tunic Top, $32 and Navy Floral Leggings, $21, both Made in USA
I get a lot of compliments when I wear the above outfit.  I look forward to wearing it with a pair of boots this fall.
Would you agree that one perk of being a teacher is the great Turvis and Yeti cups!?  My birthday is coming up.  I could use another one (hint, hint).  Last year I received an RTIC cup and it kept my ice frozen for two days!
How about a comfortable pair of flats?  I have nearly worn out my Lucky Brand nude flats. I can wear them all day with no problem.  Have you tried Tieks?  I've featured them in the above image.  They are super pricey, but I hear they are worth it.
KylaWren Black Swing Dress, Kimono, and Kendra Scott
Above:  Charcoal Short Sleeve Swing Dress, Made in the USA, $52
I have paired our popular Kyla Wren Swing Dress with this lovely kimono.  This kimono is not from my boutique, but I am looking for a similar one that is made in the USA.  This look is super cute!
How about this Kendra Scott necklace and earring set?  I loooove her jewelry.  I have several pieces and always put her stuff on the Christmas wishlist that I give my family.  Last year my family exchanged names.  This was great because each person could spend a little more since they were only buying for one.  My brother gave me a beautiful necklace to add to my Kendra Scott collection.   
Shabby Chic Kimono
Above: Blush Babydoll Tunic Top, $28 and Shabby Chic Kimono Cardigan, $35, both made in the USA
For my fifth outfit, I'm featuring two top pieces from Kyla Wren that look amazing together.  This is your Friday outfit.  It's Friday!  You made it!  Hurray!  Throw these pieces on with a pair of white denim capris and smile as you head into the weekend.
I hope you have enjoyed this fashion inspiration!  Which outfit did you like best?  Comment below.

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