Made in the USA   *   Contemporary Women's Clothing

Made in the USA   *   Contemporary Women's Clothing

What I'm Doing and Why

June 28, 2017

What I'm Doing and Why

The following was posted on my Facebook page in response to a question I get a lot these days...  What's with these Kyla Wren posts I keep seeing?

Hey Friends!

Some of you have asked me what I'm doing, so I thought I'd clear things up. A couple months ago, I launched an online boutique, which I named after my two girls.

There are a few reasons that I was motivated to do this. One is that I love clothes! I have always shared about Stitch Fix because I really enjoy having cute clothes delivered to my door. Not sure who wouldn't?! It got me thinking that I'd love to curate a collection of trendy styles and open my own boutique. It would fun!

My second motivation was based on shopping frustration. I had two major complaints when shopping for clothes. One complaint is that the dresses are always so short! A second is that it is hard to find trendy clothes that are made in the USA.

So, my boutique focuses on providing trendy dresses and outfits that are made in the USA! I literally weed through thousands of styles to find things that match my checklist.  Made in USA  Stylish  Not Too Short! 🤔😳😄

Kyla Wren is my own company started from scratch. Yes, I do most of the modeling. It gets a little old taking selfies all the time, so if you want to model for me, please let me know! 😂

Finally, so you don't get the wrong idea...As you probably know, I am a teacher. I have NO desire to leave my profession. I LOVE teaching! A supplemental income for my girls' college funds would be nice.

Check out my website and let me know what you think. Constructive feedback is welcome. I'd love for you to join my FB page too.



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