About Us

Hello there, from Kyla Wren! We're your go-to for a dash of adventure, a pinch of romance, and a whole lot of cozy couture. And the best part? We're all about lifting each other up. Come join our Fashion + Travel loving Tribe!

We're a proud, women-led small business, committed to collaborating with other women-owned enterprises to give you a unique shopping journey.  

The story behind Kyla Wren Boutique: Born out of love of fashion, and a desire to support my two young daughters, Kyla Wren Boutique first blossomed in 2016. Juggling the demands of full-time teaching and parenting, sadly I had to close the online boutique. Yet, the entrepreneurial spirit within me remained undimmed. Fast forward to 2024, after exploring myriad avenues from returning to my corporate Finance role to dabbling in Foreign Exchange, I found myself drawn back to my first entrepreneurial love - Kyla Wren Boutique, a name lovingly derived from my two precious daughters!

My vision for the boutique is to uplift other women, be it through providing comfortable, chic boho essentials or elegant, flowing silhouettes, or by joining hands with other women creators, artisans, and wholesalers. I'm all for supporting other women in chasing their dreams. As we expand, my goal is to broaden our selections and our size spectrum, plus offer even more styles proudly crafted in the USA. Our travel blog and Facebook group are there to stoke the wanderlust in all you dreamers out there. Here's hoping you find something that sparks joy and inspiration at Kyla Wren.